Outside lighting

Coach light additions to large house

A large house required outside lighting upgrades. The front light above the main door need to be replaced and a movement sensor to be added. The rear required the addition of a coach light above the door. The problem was that no work could take place in the kitchen as recent renovations could not be disturbed. So a fused spur upstairs from an office allowed the power to the new light from the upstairs socket circuit.. 

Back door coach light above door
Close up of back door coach light
Back door coach light view from side
front door coach light close up
Front door coach light above door

Electrical Fails - Outdoor Power

We were told that the lighting for the garden hadn't worked for a long time and the pump for a similar time. Can we take a look.

This is what we found shortly after arriving - granted it was under a car port which was watertight but still...

An indoor fused control unit (FCU) with SWA - the thick black cable - which had been terminated but was hanging from the terminations in the FCU. Various other electrical connections had been attempted unsuccessfully.

Everything was taken out and made safe to be re-installed properly at a later date. 

Electrical fail - Outdoor FCU to lighting and pond pump