Replacement light

Coach light additions to large house

A large house required outside lighting upgrades. The front light above the main door need to be replaced and a movement sensor to be added. The rear required the addition of a coach light above the door. The problem was that no work could take place in the kitchen as recent renovations could not be disturbed. So a fused spur upstairs from an office allowed the power to the new light from the upstairs socket circuit.. 

Back door coach light above door
Close up of back door coach light
Back door coach light view from side
front door coach light close up
Front door coach light above door

Garden Outbuilding Upgrades

Upgrade to a make do and mend installation including many extensions and hardwired extension leads, and an extension to an adjacent toilet block.

The consumer unit required new connections to the MCBs as wire had been used in place of it.

The toilet block having fused control units to lights and the installed water heater.

Lounge Downlights Upgrade

A dull and uninspiring large lounge was transformed with contemporary downlighting solution.

We split the room into into 2 zones and dimmers were added to provide more control in each.

Reading was the focus in the area away from the window and relaxing with a little TV at the other.

Each was easily able to be catered for.

Downlights install in lounge in Tamworth - View from front
Downlights install in lounge in Tamworth - View from rear